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    Default [Notice] Patch Notes 3.12!

    Greetings, Champions!

    The 3.12 update is upon us! Check out the latest Details!
    We are excited to bring you new skills and more content!

    There are also several improvements and bug fixes.
    Please read below to learn more about the latest changes and new implementation.
    Please update Kritika from Appstore or Google Play Store

    Update Details

    1. New Skills: Power of Light, Power of Darkness, and Power of Nature
    - 3 new Passive Skills have been added that can be enhanced using essences.
    - It requires a certain level of Train Bonus (Passive) and different types of essences to enhance them.
    - Each skill can be enhanced up to Lv. 50 and provides the following bonuses:
    > Power of Light: DEF Increase, Reduced Damage Received from Boss Monsters (%)
    > Power of Darkness: ATK Increase, Additional Damage to Monsters Except Boss Monsters (%)
    > Power of Nature: HP Increase, Thorn's Aura Resist (%), Critical ATK Resist (%)

    2. Updated Attendance Calendar
    - [Lina Super Awakening Attendance Event] has been replaced with [New Year Special Attendance Event].
    - The attendance event continues until the next update.
    - This event runs simultaneously with the existing attendance events and new/returning user attendance events.

    [New Year Special Attendance Event]

    ▶ UX Improvements

    1. Season Class Change
    - 2nd Season Class has been changed to Blood Demon, enabling the ‘Critical ATK Increase’ effect.

    - 2nd Season Individual Effect: Increased Skill ATK for [Crimson Thornbush] and [Deathblow].

    2. Revamped Daily Missions
    - The total number of Daily Missions has been reduced from 16 to 12.
    - Counts for several missions have been updated:
    > Clear Tower of Tribulation [1 time → 2 times]
    > Win in Arena [3 times → 5 times]
    > Win in Arena [4 times → 6 times]

    Rewards for several missions have been updated:
    > Clear Monster Wave [+0 Gem → 15 Stamina]
    > Win in Arena [+0 Gem → 1 Light Essence]
    > Enter Melee [Arena Buff → 1 Dark Essence]
    > Clear Tower of Tribulation [3 Sapphires → 1 Nature Essence]

    Several missions have been removed:
    > Craft equipment
    > Enhance equipment or a Gem
    > Enhance Meteorites
    > Open Treasure Chest

    3. 2x Run for Elite Stages
    - The 2x run feature has been added to Elite Stages. You can now earn double the rewards and Elite Chests.
    - You can use this feature using Karats and Stamina and obtain rewards from each of the 2 chests.

    4. Indicator for Un-equippable Opals
    - An indicator has been added to Opals that cannot be equipped by a currently logged in character, enabling you to distinguish character-exclusive Opals more easily.

    5. Updated Lobby Theme
    - The lobby theme has been changed to a snowy town in celebration of winter.

    6. Package Updates
    ▷ Super Sale Packages
    - Items in Super Sale Package have been updated, which you can buy 2 times per each category until the next update.
    - [Lapiz] Package has been replaced with [Essence] Package.
    - Items in [Karat] and [Awakening Stone] packages have been updated.

    ▷ Level Up Package
    Price and VIP points of Level Up Package have been adjusted.

    [Bug Fixes]
    1. Critical Damage has been renamed as Critical ATK in order to resolve term inconsistency even if the two are the same effect.
    2. The color and shape of ATK Relic effects have been reduced in order to minimize load when used frequently.
    3. Fixed an error where the main character’s CP appeared to be lower than the actual value in Melee.
    4. Fixed an error where Lina’s Super Awakening buffs’ animation and sounds were not played upon use.
    5. Hit effect for some of Lina’s Super Awakening buffs has now been applied correctly.
    6. Fixed an error that did not display skill actions and buffs occasionally after a Super Awakening buff was used.

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    Default are you joking?

    good morning
    are you kidding? it is the only thing that makes me think, after all we are in carnival period so it is legitimate to think that it is a joke.
    You told us that you will increase the number of essences ... that you'll improve the daily ... that you'll improve the game experience, and then an update like this is born? You are certainly kidding.
    The joke is nice if it doesn't last long.
    I can't think this update was created by heavily drunk developers.
    I seem to see how FIAT created the MULTIPLA years ago. One of the ugliest machines created by a band of developers after drinking the possible and the impossible.

    To have some miserable essence I would have to make melee ... but with 14 toons, I need 14 melee tickets. have you used the calculator? You don't give us 14 tickets a day. Or do I have to spend carats. Which I will have to buy.

    Elite x2 ... yes great idea. already 60 stamina is too much. should I use 150 carats as well? Which I will have to buy. The essences are too few to already do everything there is to do, and on an alcoholic evening the developers dream of introducing other skills, obviously to be purchased with essences. Luckily they can be bought with the nice packages that you would like us to buy.

    And the beauty of all this is that despite everything, we have to run and run and buy and buy and spend and spend to chase a gang of cheaters / modders who are already stealing resources, who are far ahead of the developers who do not care about honest players.

    Thanks Ethereal Duke for reading this and as usual you won't give a ****.
    Now I download bubble bobble or pacman

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    Default 3 money

    congratulation guys for the work done in the game every update you put body and soul to make it so boring ... the spirit of kritika is lost every uodate is a way to make us spend money if before it was the lpaiz now it is the essence the 3 money on game thanks a lot . PS hackers still playing and you don't do nothings

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    Default Melee pets CP bug

    After update pets on the melee don't work correctly. When I'm using Carbuncle, Meowy or Louie my CP is the same when I don't have equip pet. With Sage and Phoenix is other problem

    P.S. When reset ToT and ranking rewards for ToT?
    |Berserker||xArmeeNx||41.636.860||Rhilordss| MAIN
    Master level 4448
    Pets: Phoenix+22, Louie+22, Carb+22, Arch+22, Meowy+22, Sage+22, Lilith+22, REST+25
    Rhilordss Towers: 60/63/68/68/65/65

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    Default LOL

    The amount of salt in these posts is hilarious

    If you dont enjoy the state of the game or where its going, then quit
    and move to another game

    At the end of the day this game is a business and judging by the amount of revenue generated vs resources generated its a huge success. Y'all can complain as much as you want but this company knows whats it doing right

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    After update the crimson damage in wb is less that last week resolve bug

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    Zerostar, I don't know who you are, if you are an honest player or a modder who uses illegal programs. Honestly, I don't give a ****.
    I only know that Kritika was a great game, and because of a gang of drunken developers it is no longer.
    The forum moderator (EtherealDuke) is totally absent and he doesn't give a **** about the players.
    And so ... bye bye.
    I have uninstalled.
    Good continuation.

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    I have no words

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