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    Default [Guide] SE Monster Card Guide

    Hello GMs,

    We would like to provide more information regarding the new SE Monster Card released with launch of the MLB Perfect Inning 2020 Season Update!

    ◈ SE Monster Card
    This is a new SE Type that has a debuff skill that can lower the Opponent’s Stats
    ※ Applicable only to opponents

    [Monster Card 1st Release]

    [Debuff Skill Type]

    Team Debuff

    SE Type Debuff

    Stadium Debuff

    Boost Level Debuff

    [Debuff Skill Grade]

    1. Monster Card Production Icon Location
    Monster cards can be created through the Monster icon located at the top of the main screen.

    2. Monster Card Production Period
    Monster cards can only be produced within a specified period.
    ※ If the Monster Player Production is not completed within the specified period, the registered Material Player Cards will not be returned.

    ※ The image above is currently under development and may differ from the actual image.

    3. Monster Card Production
    Press on the Monster Player you want to craft to reveal the Material Players you will need.

    ※ The image above is currently under development and may differ from the actual image.

    [Monster Card Crafter Materials Example]
    There is a total of 15 Material Player Cards (made up of Specific Players + Boost Levels) required to make one Monster Card.

    (EX: MILESTONE Miguel Cabrera Boost Lv 10)

    4. Monster Card Development
    When boosting a Monster Card, a separate bonus stat will be boosted as well.

    We hope that this has provided more detail information about the benefits of the new Monster Card.

    Try crafting a Monster Card and using them in your Rosters right away!
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    How much does it cost to boost a Monster card?

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