Thanks for playing King's Empire for Gamevil
After long days of research at Magic Sanctuary, Steel Golems are now waiting for your command!

New Items/Units
- New Item: Painite
Attack Lv.6+ NPC and win to receive 20-50 Painites at a certain chance.

- New Unit: With Lv.25 Magic Sanctuary, you'll able to produce Steel Golems every time you level up!
1 Steel Golem requires certain resources and 1 Painite.

Event 1: Steel Golem Event
Date: 5/21 7AM - 5/27 11PM PST

Event Details:
1. On each server, top 30 players with the most number of Steel Golems during the event will receive Gems!

1st: 1000 Gems! This player's post will be displayed in sky blue for 1 week.
2nd - 5th: 600 Gems! These players' posts will be displayed in sky blue for 1 week.
6th - 15th: 300 Gems!
16th - 30th: 100 Gems!

Event 2: Supply Trunk Giveaway!
Date: 5/24 11PM - 5/27 11PM PST

Event Details
Purchase Supply Trunk!
And we'll give you the same amount of Supply Trunk for free!
(All sizes apply.)

Conquered or Be Conquered!

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